Kumagai 10




The representative of Kumagai Koshiro Naotsune, I Taro Jiro Naohisa humbly report:


As we were ordered to eliminate the enemies of the Court in Four Provinces, we, under command of the general, Hikosaburo Naokiyo, chastised the following enemies of the Court. On the 5th month, 12th day of the 3rd year of Genko, with Naokiyo, I Naohisa led my army and left for Uraya estate of Kumano district in Tango province and advanced on the castle of the Nyudo (Man who had taken Buddhist vows) Nikaido Inaba to chastise him. On 13th day of the same month, as a jito Uratomiyasu fled, I torched his castle. I then torched the castle of Aki no Zenji Miura at Kizu Go in the same district, and that of the monk Goto Sadojiro at Tanba Go of Dogo district. On 14th day, I torched the castle of Moroya Hachiro at Kizu estate and the castle of Shido at the northern area of Funaki estate. On 15th day, since people of the East differed from a court envoy and fled, I torched their castle. On the same day, I torched the castle of the Nyudo Matsuda Heinaizaemon in Tanba district and his castle at Zen’no ji in the same district. I also torched the castle of Tanamachi Rokuro, a representative of a jito Sasaki Saburo hogan at Mitsuyasu in the same district. On 17th day, I torched the castle at Misono in Oishi estate. In 11 places in total, I chastised the enemies of the Court and destroyed the castles. Since the forces of the four provinces led by Naokiyo, the General of Four Provinces, arrived, I submit this. After this is confirmed, I humbly request for a monogram so that in the future these deeds may be known. Respectfully.

The 5th month, 20th day of the 3rd year of Genko Taira no Naohisa (monogram)

To the Magistrate Office

Approved (monogram)




右可令退治四ケ國凶徒之旨被下 綸旨之間彦三郎直清爲大将

就被追罰所之 朝敵等元弘三年五月十二日直久相共罷向丹後國





方支田破城畢同十五日同東方爲違  勅人逐電之間燒拂城




都合十一ケ所或令追罰 朝敵或令責落城槨畢直清爲



元弘三年五月廿日     平直久状(裏花押)