The Better Part of Valor: Documents (komonjo) of the Migita

The Migita were a family of “honorable housemen” (gokenin) of the Kamakura regime. They resided in Izumi province. Under the authority of their chief, Migita Sukeie, they were mobilized by Kamakura to quell a a rebellion by Kusunoki Masashige and Prince Moriyoshi. Migita Sukeie, was in a bind, however, for both Kamakura and the rebel forces of Prince Moriyoshi asked him to fight on their behalf. Sukeie  feigned illness with Moriyoshi, and dispatched several sons to fight on his behalf (Migita Sukeyasu and others), while he fought for Kamakura with another son, Migita Sukehide. His discretion proved wise, for Kamakura suddenly collapsed, but he nevertheless managed to curry favor with Moriyoshi’s allies, and survive the turmoil of the 1330s.

Permission has been granted thanks to the efforts of the Kyōto Furitsu Kyōdo Shiryōkan. Currently these documents are housed in the Sakai City Museum (Sakai-shi hakubutsukan).