Concerning the state 1 of your esteemed swelling, Saemon-no-suke has been dispatched.
Recently Ōtomo Shintarō [Sōrin] has presented [our lord] with a scroll on gunpowder.
Please deign to have a look 2 at it; this is a great honor.
As for further thoughts from the shogun, Teruuji shall speak to you in detail.
Respectfully yours,

[Second Year of Eiroku] Sixth month, twenty-ninth day [Ōdachi] Harumitsu

[To] Nagao-dono,

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While this title originated in the ritsuryō system as a government post meant to oversee law and order in the capital (a duty later handed to the imperial police force or kebiishi), by the sixteenth century this office was one devoid of actual power but still resonant in symbolic authority
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