Kumagai 4



Lists of wounds by Kumagai Naouji

Kumagai Hikoshirō Report  27th day,  intercalary 2nd month, 2nd year of Shōkei [1333]

Jōken (monogram)
Sukekage (monogram)1

Kumagai Hikoshirō Naouji states:

From Kusunoki Castle to this castle, called Chihaya2, I have repeatedly performed battle service. As above, I (Naouji), the , at Kusunoki Castle, according to my deeds in battle, I received awards. Because from the another order to go forth was received, I once again gathered and led forth my family, my collateral lines, and other relations. We rode quickly to those fortifications and gave battle, I and my relations and family and others, sustained wounds at that time; the report of the injuries of the aforementioned collaterals, etc. are included in one document that I submitted. With Noyori Hikoroku as commissioner, an inspection (of the injuries) was conducted, and his signature affixed. And then I and the others, on the 5th of this month, hurried to join these defenses. Serving at the northern camp as well as the , we constructed a tall tower and filled in enemy trenches. In this way, diligently laboring day and night, we repeatedly performed battle service. Furthermore, during yesterday’s [the 26th] battle: I climbed [the battlements] first, assaulting the main gate, and when fighting there, destroyed dozens of shields. Naouji and others received wounds.

1.     Naouji, right thigh, pierced to the bone (minor)


1.   Matasaburō Naomura’s subordinate, Saijō Matajirō Naomasa, under his right eye and right thumb (grazed)

2. The same person’s (Naomura) standard bearer Kishirō’s son, shot in the top of the head (medium)

Outside of this, so many of my surviving followers were hit by rocks, I can not record them. Therefore, my statement is thus.

Shōkei 2nd Year, intercalary 2nd month, 27th day.



「熊谷彦四郎進 正慶二壬二廿七日」

定兼 (花押)













一直氏右股徹骨      淺


一方地頭又三郎直村家子西條又次郎直正右目下同方大指 淺

同人簱指紀四郎男 頂 被射 中




  1. Jōken and Sukekage are presumed to be bakufu officials who notarized receipt of this document.
  2. Chihaya was a castle defended by Kusunoki Masashige against Kamakura’s forces. The standard characters for Chihaya are 千早; however, the documents show multiple variations, possibly indicating changes in how the location name was pronounced, or simply lack of knowledge by warriors from outside the local area on which characters to use
Notation Added Later
The third year of Gentoku
The Kamakura Bakufu
both of the counter-fortifications
 Jitō of a portion of one holding