Kumagai 6



List of Battle Wounds by Kumagai Naouji

From Kumagai Hikoshirō    Shōkei 2.3.14

Sukekage (monogram)
Jō-e (monogram)

Report: Kumagai Hikoshirō Naouji  names of those injured

Nakamura Kurō Nyūdō Dōzen
Struck through the leg (shallow)

The aforementioned, on the 11th day of this month at the Kitadani tower on the trench edge of the administrator’s fortifications was crushed by the enemy’s boulders, and as we were rebuilding it, Dōzen was injured. Known witnesses include Nagasaki Yaroku, Tomiyasu Hikoshirō, Tsuchiya Rokurō, and Kaneko Gorō. In order to assuage any doubts, this preliminary report has been sent. Therefore, it is thus reported.

Shōkei 2 [1333] 3.13          Taira Naouji (monogram)


「熊谷彦四郎進 正慶二三十四」

資景 (花押)

定恵 (花押)

注進  熊谷彦四郎直氏若黨手屓人交名事

中村九郎入道々善 被射徹脚      淺


長崎弥六 冨安彦四郎 土屋六郎 金子五郎


正慶二年三月十三日  平直氏(花押)

Notation added later to the reverse, right side.
A retainer possessing surname, but not autonomy. They were capable of riding horses, but not submitting their own petitions.


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