Kumagai 8



List of Battle Wounds by Kumagai Naotsune


Submitted by Kumagai Koshirō Naotsune     Shōkei 2 [1333], fourth month, second day

Jōken (monogram)

Sukekiyo (monogram)

Report: names of those injured

Kumagai Koshirō Naotsune: Right leg shot twice, inner outer, pierced to the bone. Shot under the right arm—armor pierced. Next, outer left thigh as before. Four wounds total.     Deep

The standard bearer Nakadaira Mitsuo: One to the right knee. Two to the outer right thigh. One to the inner right thigh. Shot in left ankle, pierced to the bone. Five wounds total.     Shallow

I Naotsune had set off to Kusunoki Castle in haste on the twenty-fifth day of this past second month, and assaulted the trench near the main gate. We (destroyed) dozens of shields and buried trenches with earth and stone, repeatedly performing battle service. Furthermore, on the sixth day of intercalary second month, we once again set off for this castle, called Chiiwaya. Near the trenches of the main gate, we built a tower, and diligently performed repeated battle service. Finally, on the first day of this month, we first climbed Nishiyama Nakao by the main gate, performed outstanding battle service, and were wounded. It is reported thus.

Shōkei 2 [1333], fourth month, second day.     Taira Naotsune (monogram).


「熊谷小四郎直經進 正慶四二 」

定兼 (花押)


注進   手屓人交名事


具次左股外同前已上二二箇所  深

簱指仲平三男 右膝筋一所同外股二 箇所同内股一箇所左足頸

射徹骨已上五箇所        淺






正慶二年四月二日   平直經(花押)

 Notation added later